Meet the Brain Gauge

Brain health just got a whole lot simpler.
The scientific standard for brain monitoring is now available to be used at home.

Brain Metrics at Your Fingertips

You don’t need a Ph.D. to understand the concept behind Brain Gauge.

Science made simple

When the Brain Gauge pulses your fingertips, regions in your brain become active and talk to each other in a very specific manner. The Brain Gauge system measures this communication by asking a few simple questions — similar to the way you would read an eye chart.

How sensitive is Brain Gauge?

Brain Gauge uses your perception of physical touch to ascertain your brain's performance. Your brain's performance is impacted by almost everything you do - like a restless night of sleep or your morning cup of coffee. We’ve even looked into how cough syrup impacts our corticalmetric. No other methods in the world are this sensitive.

Technology Frees a New Science

For decades, computers have sent information to you only with sight and sound. The Brain Gauge system uses the sense of touch to engage your brain and test its performance. The Brain Gauge is the world’s first high precision tactile biofeedback interface.

The high precision and high fidelity of the mechanical pulses that the Brain Gauge delivers is what is ultimately responsible for objective and quantitative metrics of brain performance.

We spent the better part of a decade refining and miniaturizing the technology — the great-great-grandfather of the Brain Gauge weighed in at over 10 lbs — in order that we could distribute it to anyone virtually anywhere.

We put the "fun" in Brain Function

Years of research embedded into an entertaining, yet insightful game.

The Brain Gauge App uses levels, feedback, and even lives to make the subject feel like they are playing a video game while they are actually answering important questions we use to gauge their brain health.

Our gaming innovation not only keeps subjects more engaged in the Brain Gauge tasks, but makes the tasks more scientifically rigorous and targets failure levels that we have observed in our concussion database.

Research-Grade Software

Easily track and analyze results for all of your subjects


Research grade analysis tools help you see the trends within your data. Keep tabs on your progression, track the effects of supplements, generate detailed reports, or export spreadsheets of raw data and run your own analyses. All of your data is always at your fingertips, data is instantly accessible from any Chrome-compatible device.

Brain Gauge is Everywhere

The research behind Brain Gauge is being used at locations across the globe.



Wide range of completed studies including validation using MRI/fMRI, TMS, MEG, MRS, & EEG



Studies ongoing at over 30 university and institutional research sites


concussions monitored per year

Hundreds of individuals will participate in studies to evaluate changes in brain function that result from concussion



Data has been collected on thousands of individuals from ages 5 and up