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Brain Gauge MD

Measure brain function and see clear indications of impairment with the only FDA-listed cognitive assessment tool that doesn't require a baseline test.


  • Unlimited subjects

  • Unlimited tests

  • Outpatient score monitoring

  • Custom testing sessions

  • Cognitive impairment alerts

  • Plus all the features of Brain Gauge Pro

Challenge your brain and improve your cognitive skills






Time Perception



Testing for everyone

With Brain Gauge MD, you won’t have to worry about individual test fees or expensive monthly subscriptions. Test unlimited subjects and check all of their results from one screen. You can even add notes about injuries and treatments for each patient, and track recovery and improvement over time.

Beyond the clinic

It’s not always practical to see all of your patients every single week. With Brain Gauge MD, you can monitor patients who own a Brain Gauge and test at home. Request scores with the click of a button. Send personal notes about treatments or upcoming appointments. And it's all done through our secure, cloud-based RxTools app.

Remote Testing Information

Brain health at your fingertips

Want to share your results with someone who doesn't own a Brain Gauge? Save, print, or email a PDF copy of your scores in just a few seconds. You can also export data as a spreadsheet and run your own advanced analysis.

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