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Policies & Standard
Operating Procedures

Guidance and instructions regarding the policies and procedures related to conduct of human subjects research that are specific to this Institution are contained within the Investigator’s Manual. It is important that all Investigators and professional staff read this manual thoroughly and make sure that study personnel are familiar with it. This manual describes procedures ranging from how to submit research to the IRB to the Principal Investigator’s responsibilities following IRB approval. Contact the IRB Office if you have any questions:


Standard Operating Procedures

IRB Rosters

    Committee #1

  1. Rick Gracely, Ph.D., Endodontics, IRB Chair
  2. Robert Dennis, Ph.D, Biomedical Engineering
  3. Eric Francisco, Ph.D., Biomedical Engineering
  4. Jack O’Daly, Ph.D., Biomedical Engineering
  5. Oleg Favorov, Ph.D., Biomedical Engineering
  6. Kirsten Ambrose, M.S., Osteoarthritis Action Alliance
  7. Kathy Tommerdahl, BS, RN, Unaffiliated Community Member

    Committee #2

  1. James Bolton, D.C., M.S., Chiropractic
  2. Joseph Paul Mulka, M.D., Ph.D., Biomedical Engineering
  3. Aimee Nelson, Ph.D., Kinesiology
  4. Francis McGlone, Ph.D., Neuroscience
  5. Sutapa Ford, Ph.D., Clinical Psychology
  6. H. Charles Woodfield, R.Ph., D.C., Chiropractic
  7. Tonya Durko, B.S., RN, Unaffiliated Community Member
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