Meet the Brain Gauge Plus

The Brain Gauge + combines the portability and affordability of the Brain Gauge tactile stimulator with the clinical power of ProTools

Brain Metrics at Your Fingertips

You don’t need a Ph.D. to understand the concept behind Brain Gauge.

Science made simple

When the Brain Gauge tactile stimulator pulses your fingertips, regions in your brain become active and talk to each other in a very specific manner. The Brain Gauge system measures this communication by asking a few simple questions — similar to the way you would read an eye chart.

How sensitive is Brain Gauge?

Brain Gauge uses your perception of physical touch to ascertain your brain's performance. Your brain's performance is impacted by almost everything you do - like a restless night of sleep or your morning cup of coffee. We’ve even looked into how cough syrup impacts our corticalmetric. No other methods in the world are this sensitive.

Clinical-Grade Software

Brain Gauge + comes with the same powerful software used with the Brain Gauge Pro


The software package included with the Brain Gauge + makes testing and managing an entire clinic of patients possible. Easily configure a battery of tests to fit your needs. The streamlined software makes test administration simple and efficient, on-screen instructions alleviate the need for scripted testing procedures.
The software teaches the subjects everything they need to know.


Research grade analysis tools help you see the trends within your data. Keep tabs on subject progression, track the effects of clinical interventions, generate detailed reports, or export spreadsheets of raw data and run your own analyses. All of your data is always at your fingertips, data is instantly accessible from any Chrome-compatible device.

Easy to Interpret Results

Compare your latest performance to past measurements, historical norms, and other subjects.



Performance typically improves with recovery

Healthy controls demonstrate consistent performance